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This text is taken from BELINTERNAT.ORG site, created during the internEt-internAt project of NGO Focus-group, financed by the World Bank.
The project was aimed at implementing IT to the work of orphanage houses of Minsk district, Belarus.
Thank you for using the materials from our site.


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If you are looking for information about the participants of the project, please visit Participants page. 

The key elements of our site are communication tools. Unfortunately to English-speaking users, the interface is in Russian. But we use well known solutions for our site, such as Invision PowerBoard and PHPChat. We hope that anyone with at least minimum experience of interactive communications through internet will be able to utilize them, and as long as you had reached so far, we are sure you'll manage. So we are encouraging you to use the tools we offer.

You can use either forum (billboard) or chat to communicate.


This is the main tool of communication at our web-site. Except for actual billboard it includes additional modules such as event calendar, on-line organiser, file archive and more. We encourage everyone to register, but most of the functions are open for not-registered users. The forums are threaded. Please mind using correct forum for your message. You can also use Personal Messages instead of public posting.

There's a special thread for beginners. Use it if you have any technical questions. Please remember to keep to the netiquette while communicating.


The chat is used mainly for on-line conferences with expert's participation. On other times there's a great possibility that you'll find chat-rooms empty. If you wish, you can arrange a chat with the persons you want to talk via forum or e-mail communications.


We wish you successful communication.

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