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This text is taken from BELINTERNAT.ORG site, created during the internEt-internAt project of NGO Focus-group, financed by the World Bank.
The project was aimed at implementing IT to the work of orphanage houses of Minsk district, Belarus.
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the project

welcome to the web-site

You are viewing the English version of the Belarusian web-portal, created to empower virtual community of Belarus orphaned children and professionals in the field of child care and education, working with orphans.

English version contains basic information about the site, the project and the members of the community.

You can view personal pages of the orphans houses, participating in the project, by following the links at the Participants page. Navigation to the Forum and Chat is possible by either Community link or directly from the upper bar.

This page will contain only news of big importance or of international nature. The rest of the project news as well as main informational sections are available at the Russian language version of the site.

about the project

This project is designed as a complex effort to raise the quality level of education in the 6 orphans houses with the innovative method of implementing IT-technologies into work of social workers and psychologists of the named institutions.

Main aims of the project are:

Increasing the quality of the work of orphans houses specialists.

Social workers and psychologists of the 6 orphans houses will be able to use the web in education process, as well as in professional communication, search of modern innovative methods and consulting with experts. Their new skills will rise their status among the institution workers, and point them out as the social “agents of change”.

They will have the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with the best experts in the field and child-rearing officials.

Using the web to increase the adaptation level of the orphaned kids.

The inmates of 6 orphans houses will obtain the ability to reach the Internet, and will learn it’s adaptation potential with the help of the social workers and psychologists.

With the help of the project’s web-site and other resources they will learn more about the most relevant in their life topics.

Creation of the specialized web-site

The project’s web-site will be devoted to the social adaptation of the orphaned kids. The structure of on-line resources and services will be able to cover the majority of the adaptation problems: It will also have the information on the relevant and interesting information for kids on the education, employment, health, family & sex, law and other topics. The content for the site will be developed by the experts and professionals, involved in the field. There will be the possibility to ask questions on-line and to receive the qualified answer, together with other interactive forms and monthly updates.

The main innovative idea of the project is that the teaching of IT-basics is supported by professional social workers and psychologists, that makes possible maximization of the educational and adaptation effect of IT implementation.

With this innovation the project breaks the bounds of technical support providing action to the full-scale education/community development project.

The main focus is given to the ways HOW the new IT-resources are used. Strong methodological support provides quality and makes easy the analysis and dissemination of project results. The project can serve as a set example of implementing innovations in other closed communities.

The social workers services are relatively new to our educational system. Professionals are still in search of their position in schools. Taking part in this project will boost their activity, help them to learn new skill, raise their status inside the school. In the future this experience will help them to implement other innovative educational technologies in schools.

The project is transparent to the public and professionals through the new internet-site (with an English version), & they are able to influence it's implementation and take part in it.

The following activities are planned to take place during the project:

Featured participant's web-pages

Zhodino boarding school

School "Passport"
School's History
Extra-curriculum Activities
Our Friends
Radoshkovichy boarding school
Berezino boarding school

Project's manager: Levko Andrey, executive director of the NGO "Focus-group". Graduated from BSPU, as a social worker. Earned a bachelor degree in social work. From 2000 to 2002 y. Was enlisted for the PhD program on Pedagogy. Has a 6 years experience of working in the field of social work and pedagogy. From 1996 to 1997 yy. Worked in a rehabilitation center for disabled children "Island of hope". 1999-г. - a social worker in a developing center of Frunsenskiy district. 1999-2001 yy.: social worker in different NGO projects aimed on problem children target groups. Since 2002 y. To the present moment works as a social worker at the Youth creativity center of Frunsensky district "Eureca"

Projects IT-consultant: Maroz Yegor, chairman of the NGO "Focus-group" Graduated from Belarusian State Pedagogical University in 2000 as a psychologist in education field and a teacher of English. In 2002 gained a MSc degree with distinction in social work (counseling) of Manchester University. Involved in social movement since 1996, experienced in preparation and leading seminars and training programs, managing a project (in 2002 manager assistant in TACIS "WCCM" project) Worked as a head of a department of technical means of education in university, taught basic computer skills courses, author of a teaching-book on Corel Draw 11, developer of several web resources.

NGO "Focus-group" has a 2-year experience of working with orphaned kids. The partner in this project is Department of education, Minsk district executive committee.

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