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This text is taken from BELINTERNAT.ORG site, created during the internEt-internAt project of NGO Focus-group, financed by the World Bank.
The project was aimed at implementing IT to the work of orphanage houses of Minsk district, Belarus.
Thank you for using the materials from our site.


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State educational institution «Zhodino boarding scholl of general education for orphans and children, left without parental care»

School "Passport"
School's History
Extra-curriculum Activities
Our Friends

Extra-curriculum Activities

Working education

Labour and studies of the inmates come together. 10 hectares of the grounds, 1.5 hectares of the fruit garden are cared after by the children. This is the starting point to the professional life.

There are 5 workshops in the school: fitting shop, joiner's shop, threading machines workshop, woodcutting workshop, sewing workshop. Cookery classroom is open for girls and boys. These workshops are working 12 hours a day. Starting from the 7-th form, kids are studying according to the chosen schedule and by the graduation learn a profession of a carpenter, joiner, wood-carver, seamstress.

Education is taking into consideration personal traits of the inmates, enabling the to choose the best fit activity. 12 study-circles, 4 clubs, 3 amateur art divisions: all of the are helping the children to adapt to society, develop their abilities, prepare for self-dependant life.

ученики класса     ученики класса

Upbringing agile, strong, brave

A lot of attention is given to sports. All the necessary conditions are reassured to support physical development of the pupils. Bodybuilding, wrestling, sports rooms, gym, stadium, swimming pool, skating ring are open from 8 to 21 and are always full of eager trainees.

The school has clear system of physical education:

Physical education is popular in the school. Each pupil is into some of the sports. 22 of the school graduates has finished Belarusian State University of Physical Culture and Spots. Some of them are rather famous: Tainikov Vladimir is the world champion in rowing, Poznjak Vladimir is a trainer of the Belarus women volleyball team and others.

Today's pupils also give reasons to be proud of their achievements. There's a "School of young wrestler" attached to the boarding school, that trains 48 boys. 8 of them a the regional competitions prize-winners, 6 are the republican competitions prize-winners. The school is also famous with its skaters, that are holding top positions in the republican competitions for several years.

Sanitary center should be acknowledged for its contribution to the strengthening of children's health. It consists of dental, physiotherapy and therapeutic physical training room. As a result of its work the cases of respiratory diseases are scarce.

ученики класса

Children's self-government

The higher authority of the pupils' self-government is the school's parlament, including 3 committees: educational, cultural and domestic.

Pioneer organisation consists of 7 groups: "Successors" (3-4 forms) "Researchers" (5-6 forms), "Heritage" (7-8 forms). The pupils of the 9-11 forms are the members of Belarusian Republican Youth Union.

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