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This text is taken from BELINTERNAT.ORG site, created during the internEt-internAt project of NGO Focus-group, financed by the World Bank.
The project was aimed at implementing IT to the work of orphanage houses of Minsk district, Belarus.
Thank you for using the materials from our site.


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State educational institution «Zhodino boarding scholl of general education for orphans and children, left without parental care»

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School's History
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Our Friends

Our friends

1992 was special for the school. At this year an agreement was signed between the staff of the Zhodino boarding school and public initiative "Chernobyl children" from German town of Mulheim, headed by Dagmar von Emmereih.

For 13 years that has passed, almost all of our inmates had visited Germany. There they found new families and new German parents. German friends are visiting the school constantly: new guests are replacing the departing. They positively influence the education process: teaching family life culture, teach German and German culture, Learn our culture, art and language.

All significant events in the school are celebrated together with the German friends.

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