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This text is taken from BELINTERNAT.ORG site, created during the internEt-internAt project of NGO Focus-group, financed by the World Bank.
The project was aimed at implementing IT to the work of orphanage houses of Minsk district, Belarus.
Thank you for using the materials from our site.


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State educational institution «Radoshkovichy boarding scholl of general education for orphans and children, left without parental care»

На развилке дорог,
Что до Минска летят, словно стрелы
Радошковичи есть,
Белорусский простой городок.
Интернат здесь живёт,
Носит имя Гастелло,
Для сирот здесь страна
Отвела небольшой островок.

school's building
Organisation of the educational process
School Museum
Our friends and supporters
Our achievements
School's traditions

The orphans' house is situated almost in the centre of the Radoshkovichy urban village. The school is surrounded from all sides by lime-trees, maple, birch-trees and poplars, so it's always breathing easily in classrooms, sleeping rooms and halls, and the shifting seasons bring their nuances into this beauty.

Gastello monument

Along the whole school's perimeter and in front of the school's entrance the bright flower-beds, planted and cared after by the pupils, are blossoming, and there's a monument in the name of Nikolay Francevich Gastello nearby. The sculptor A. Anikeychik has presented the author's copy of the monument to the school, and the teacher of drawing Nina Andreevna Shman has created the draft of the pedestal for the monument.

At the foot of the monument there're always flowers or decorative garlands, made by the pupils' hands. The monument is overlooking the school, and behind it there's a school's garden, that's pleasing the kids with its fruits. This resembles a sort of island, where 146 kids are living, studying, working, exploring the surrounding world and dreaming about their future.

Short historical reference

The school was headed by:

In 2004-2005 the 146 pupils are at school:

43 teachers are working with pupils. 34 of them have higher education, 6 have secondary specialized education, 1 have vocational education, 2 have secondary education (one of them is studying the psychology distantly). 6 of the teachers were awarded higher qualification, 20 were awarded the first qualification, 11 were awarded with the second qualification and 8 teachers are working without being qualified.

Organisation of the educational process

The priority trends of education development:

Developing of pupils' capabilities

In the elementary school there're additional studies on different topics of interest. There's also a system of work in study-circles:

Number of sports are promoted: soccer, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, skiing, track and field athletics, bodybuilding, swimming.

School museum

The museum was headed by:

The museum was visited by more then 31 thousands of people from different countries of the world: Belarus and Russia, from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Bulgaria and Mongolia, Germany and China, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Our friends and supporters:

Our achievements

sports pride of the school

School's traditions

School videoteque

We had grown and preserved in the year 2004:


Проплывает солнце за околицей,
Наша школа - детский островок,
Снова жизнью интернат наполнится,
Позовет за парту нас звонок.


Интернат ты наш, интернатушка,
Ты родной отец, наша матушка,
Ты даешь нам всё от щедрот страны,
Мы тебе за всё от души должны,

От пугливых крошек и до большунов
Без оглядки мы смогли шагнуть,
От веселых и счастливых детских снов
До звезды, что нам укажет путь.


Трудно нам забыть своих учителей,
Ласковых их, добрых, строгих глаз,
Не грустите, а смотрите веселей,
Не придется вам краснеть за нас.


Дни бегут вперед, всё обгоняя нас,
Еле успевая за мечтой,
Вот уже кончается последний класс,
До свиданья, островок родной.


Radoshkovichy boarding school
20, Gastello str.
Radoshkovichy village.
Molodechno region of Minsk oblast
+375-1773 95260 – Djatlovsky Igor Mihailovich (director),
+375-1773 95269 – Poklad Anna Dmitrievna (deputy director),
+375-1773 95452 – Mokljak Zoja Mihailovna (deputy director)

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